Specialist Accommodation Insurance Brokers in Australia

A big part of business for motels, caravan parks and resorts is not only maintaining their premises, but safeguarding the business in case of damage. At Accomsure, we understand the unique needs of Australia’s accommodation providers. We specialise in accommodation insurance, from motels in the far northern reaches of Australia, through to caravan parks in central, coastal and southern Australia.

All with more than 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, our advisors take the time to understand your risks and needs and provide the right advice, tailoring an insurance package to suit. We actively manage your claims throughout the process always working for you; our client, to obtain the best outcome possible, as quickly as possible.

How we differ from other hotel and motel insurance companies in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond

As hotel, motel and general accommodation insurance brokers, we act in the best interests of our Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Queensland customers, always. We don’t work for the insurance company, we work for you. This means we find suitable coverage for you with an insurer that will understand your needs and provide the claims service when it really matters.

Our brokers can help you insure your caravan park

Understanding the unique needs of caravan parks is our business, from assisting you with understanding covers available for your underground services, through to the unique risks of safari tents and permanent cabins. We can assist our northern caravan park clients with cyclone excess buydown as well.

Our motel and hotel insurance coverage

Whether you are a resort, hotel, or motel owner, manager or both. The services we offer include, business packages tailored to your business including building & contents, loss of revenue, liability, glass, theft, money, general property, tax audit, machinery & electronic breakdown, management liability and cyclone excess buydown. We at Accomsure are here to put the minds of our clients at ease, knowing that when things get tough, we’re here to help.

Contact our team for further information

If you would like further information on the solutions available for your property, please peruse our website or speak to our helpful staff. Whether in regards to Sydney hotel insurance, accommodation insurance in Melbourne, or motel insurance in Adelaide, we’ll be more than happy to assist as required. To get in touch with our brokers, we can be reached by calling 02 6687 4000  or via email at insure@accomsure.com.au.




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