With countless travellers from around the country and overseas choosing to holiday, the accommodation industry is booming. For motels, this places an added pressure to ensure their property is prepared and covered in case of damage. As a team of motel insurance brokers servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and the rest of Australia, Accomsure can help owners to find a suitable policy at the right price.

What having insurance can do for you

Accomsure specialises in motels in the northern half of Australia, including Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. By providing sound advice on policies, their inclusions and costs, we take the time and stress out of protecting your business. By choosing a suitable policy, you can ensure you can return to business as soon as possible in the event of damage or theft.

Assisting with Gold Coast motel insurance to businesses throughout the country

Our organisation works with a wide range of motels throughout Australia, including the northern half of the country above the 26th Parallel in Queensland, the Northern Territory and the top half of Western Australia. So whether your business is in the tropical forests of Queensland, around Townsville or Alice Springs, right in the middle of the great Australian outback, or in a major city like Brisbane or Darwin, our brokers can make sure that your business will be covered, no matter where you are or what conditions you live and work in.

How our brokers work with insurers to help your business

Our brokers have developed strong business relationships with a range of organisations who handle resort, motel and caravan park  insurance claims on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and throughout Australia. You will only have to deal with one contact from when you seek our advice to claims management. There will be no need to deal with an insurance company’s red tape, so feel free to call us at 1800 ACCOMSURE or send an email to insure@accomsure.com.au.