Gerald Searle

Owner, Multiple Caravan Parks & Motels,

As the operators of a couple of Caravan parks and a few motels we have enjoyed Excellent service from Accomsure.

All our properties and most vehicles have insurance arranged by Accomsure, this has been the case for some years now.

Some of our motels are leased out to tenants so we have been pleased that our Brokers have been able to work well with our tenants ensuring our interests have also been looked after.

We have also had some claims from storms, Accomsure provided expert assistance getting those claims sorted for which we are most grateful.

We feel Accomsure are true professionals who are clearly dedicated to the work they do.

Chris Curnuck

Owner, Mission Beach Caravan Park


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Paul Ferguson

Owner, Ferguson Hospitality & Leisure – Colonial Motor Inn


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